by true crush

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Yex This music is so excellent. I could listen to these songs on a constant loop and probably not tire of them for a long time. Sidenote: This is probably about as punk as it gets. Favorite track: mom song.
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we like us cause who else is gonna?!?!?


released May 9, 2013

marita, celina, dog on a skateboard



all rights reserved


true crush Vancouver, British Columbia

two-person cult
we cry all the time but it's no big deal
we are learning to skateboard

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Track Name: endless summer
i wanna go surfing
i wanna ride my bike to school
maybe i should start a kissing booth
got a sun burn lying on the roof


never take my sunglasses off
always carry a water bottle
wear the same shoes til they fall apart
always hang out lets make cool art




scabs on my elbows they've been there for weeks
it gets hard to sleep when you sweat in your sheets
i know the dj lets go to that show
my band's really cool hope my mom tells me so


endless summer, endless summer
Track Name: endless autumn
i don't wanna go outside
i don't have any money to spend
i don't wanna go outside
i don't think i really care for that band
i don't wanna go outside
wanna stay home, hang out with my friends

i wanna have fun by myself, i'll learn to have fun by myself, i wanna have fun by myself i'll take a book off the shelf

endless autumn, endless autumn

in the morning
it's cold but the sun is bright
in the day
it's grey but the leaves are rainbow
in the night
i'm sad but that's an important way to feel sometimes

endless autumn, endless autumn

let's stay in
and do some drawings
let's stay in
and eat a pumpkin, so many ways to eat a pumpkin, every day i eat a pumpkin

endless autumn, endless autumn

i stayed in a watched every episode of degrassi
i didn't feel one bit guilty
Track Name: endless winter
don't even snow
when it gets cold
wish i was gone, wish i was gone

so many coats
never enough
wish i was home, wish i was home

always asleep
livin the dream
happy right here, happy right here

would you be able to hibernate
if every day was a holiday?

live underground
never come out
i don't recall dreaming of spring

winter forever
endless winter
Track Name: you're wearing my sweater
you're wearing my sweater and it's your birthday and it's never gonna be my birthday again
everyday is your birthday and everyday is picnics, i can see you out there in the field
and that's my shirt
you can't do that
i wouldn't do that

if you gave me your sweater i wouldn't let anybody wear it
even if you gave it to me it would still be your sweater, it would still be your sweater a bit

i liked her first
i liked you first
why isn't life fair

you're wearing my sweater and it's your birthday and it's never gonna be my birthday again
is this even happening, can people see it's happening, maybe nothing is real
are feelings real, i think that feelings are real, everything is happening all the time

it's only me
but it's all real
and i'm gonna feel how i wanna feel
Track Name: memory box
you say you can't remember being happy even when you were a kid
don't worry i've got pictures of your smile locked inside my head

memory box, memory box

you started drinking juice last month, you're smiling, you're trying not to think so much
i will remember this if you forget it's okay to drink juice

it's healthy and good, it's healthy and good

my memory goes back for years i'm sorry if i forget to call
but if you need me leave me on your speed dial i always want to talk

about what's happening, about what happened
about the future, about nothing at all

we got the same hands same heart
we got the same bones same blood
let me pick you up if you go down
let me pick you up if you go down
Track Name: mom song
everyone thinks i'm cool except my mom
everyone thinks that i make good decisions
everyone thinks i'm cool except my mom
someone tell her that i make good decisions

do you like me the same way i like me?

my mom thinks i'm cooler than everyone
everyone thinks i've got a cool mom
my mom doesn't know everything about me
i could probably tell my mom anything about it

i know you like me the way i like me

my mom hates it when i mix patterns
me and my mom don't appreciate the same art
when are you gonna get a real job
when are you gonna go back to school?

i know you love me the way you love me
Track Name: we're in a skate gang and it's called the butterflies
i hope you're not there when i go
i hope it's just me and my friends
you take up more space than you realize

lanky dudes, lanky dudes, lanky dudes: your bodies are so much different than mine!

when you're not there we can skate the whole park
it's cool when the lights go on when it gets dark

and i just want, i just want, i just wanna get better
and i can't get better, i can't get better, i can't get better if i'm not having any fun!

i wish i had started when i was 12
i know you started when you were 12
now you can do beautiful things

and you look great, you look great, but i feel great when i do simple things

i don't feel comfortable taking up space
please don't watch me try to ollie and fall on my face

i hope you're not there when i go
but one time we had a cool rock show
and you were there, and we were there, and we were all there together!
Track Name: something from nothing
opposite bus lines
opposite bike rides
we live in a different part of the city now

make the same meal every time i make a meal
wear the same shirt every time i skateboard

falling into new patterns

make a blanket for your ceiling
get a new blanket for your bed
steal something new for your new kitchen
decorate your walls with things that you did

lets make hot water
hot water for tea
don't forget you put the kettle on
do you even want tea?

there was a book called something from nothing, at the end of it the kid loses the button but his grampa still loves him anyway and i think that it means everything is gonna be okay
Track Name: bed bugs
that bug is just a hair on your leg
THAT BUG is just a speck of dust
THAT BUG is just thought in your brain
that bug is full of your best friend's blood

worst ever, whatever, fingers crossed forever! will this ever be over.

THAT BUG is just a metaphor
THAT BUG is just a metaphor
THAT BUG is just a symbol for
everything that sucks about your life

worst ever
but things will get better
can't believe we're still paying rent!

when this is over we'll throw a show at our cool new house
we'll throw a show at the laundromat
we'll throw a show at the skatepark

when this is over